Our premium quality rice and pasta dishes make great small plate appetizers, or terrific main dishes, just add creativity. Use them as a stuffing, add to a salad, turn them into a soup, or even make them into a dessert. The sky is the limit with these all tasty dishes.




Brown Sugar Rice Custard

Need a delicious Brown Sugar Rice Custard recipe for a dessert? With Farmhouse® Long Grain White Rice make this easy recipe that you and your whole family will love.

Coconut Lime Rice Pudding

Now with the help of a box of Farmhouse® Long Grain White Rice, you can make this tasty, exotic Coconut Lime Rice Pudding dessert recipe.

Maple Raisin Rice Pudding

Did you know that Farmhouse® Long Grain White Rice makes a deliciously traditional Maple Pecan Rice Pudding with this easy dessert recipe?

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